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Notes From The Pub

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Notes From The Pub---Peter Read

Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for…
                                                                                    Will Rogers

Greetings to all! It is now 4:20 in the a.m. of this f.m. day as I sit to peck out the last notes of this edition…this is the Hot Summer Nights edition, for lack of something better to call it. (We thought about calling it Fred, but didn't want it to be like anyone named Fred we've ever known…so there…)
Nightflying has always had a certain propriety for odd names…since we have never printed according to any actual month, we've come up with our special monikers…i.e., the next edition will be known as our annual Out House Reading issue…followed by Harvest, Holidazed, Anniversary, then Winter Daze and so forth…and for those schmucks out there that don't like this approach, we have always had the same response: get your own damn typewriter and start your own damn publication…

In general…….
We are well into the hot part of Summer here in the Altered State…really hot…annual festival season in these parts.especially for a guy who came from a place where 80 degrees is considered squelching miserable heat…Western Washington state…

Our festival season is rapidly going…and there are a few good ones still rearing their heads…coming up at the end of July is the Peacemaker Festival in Fort Smith. This will be the third year of this two-day party.
On the bill are Jamey Johnson, the North Mississippi Allstars, Natalie Stovall and the Drive, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Gov’t Mule, Hayes Carll, Greyhounds, Split Lip Rayfield and more. for more info…

The following weekend will be Homegrown On The River at Byrd's on the Mulberry. This 3 day campout festival will feature the Steep Canyon Rangers, White Denim, Tauk, Hot Buttered Rum, Monophonics, the Jon Stickley Trio, Kitchen Dwellers, Arkansauce, Tall Tall Trees, Charley Crockett, Old Salt Union, The MGDs, Calliope Musicals, The Squarshers, Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, Jamie Lou & The Hullabaloo, Aupaya & Magick, Super Suitcases, The Crude Mechanicals and a bunch more.

Byrd's is a perfect place for this, too. Byrd's is located right next to the Mulberry River, and is a complete river recreation location…they have boat rentals, a restaurant, every kind if necessary supply, be it bait, boats, munchies, soft drinks, fun-in-the sun essentials…
For more info on the festival, please visit

In Central Arkansas…
We’re proud to announce that the waiting is over. Midtown Billiards is open! The club has been completely rebuilt…new walls, new ceiling, new sound system, new bathrooms, but the same late-night revelry that has been missed for almost a year. Midtown, of course, is one of the last remaining Class B licensed clubs in existence…meaning it can remain open every day through the week until 5 a.m.

They got reopen last weekend, bringing in Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band…one of the favorite bands in the area…
A large bowl of Sharpies awaited the attendees, too, as the owners knew that one of the favorite traits of the club was the graffity on the walls…they welcome everyone's editorial moments…

All night rock and roll activities, great food, lots and lots of midnight fun…
Coming up are dates with deFrance, Ryan Vise, Dangerous Idiots, Black River Pearl, The Buh Jones Band, Cadillac Jackson, Psychedelic Velocity, Electric Rag Band, the Chinese Connection Dub Embassy Band, Big Dam Horns, Ed Bowman, Queen Anne’s Revenge, and a whole lot more.
You can reach the club at 501-372-9990.
For bookings, please email

The Fourquarter continues to amaze the party crowd. The Black Oak Arkansas show was a hit (check out the photo collage on page 51 about the show that our photographer Rob-O put together…)

Jim Dandy and the band brought everyone back in time to their rock 'n' roll age and attitude…
Fortunately, old rockers don't seem to die…they just keep retuning until they get it right…(unlike the young ones who seem to go to meet their makers in their 20s…)

Set to appear in the coming weeks are Okilly Dokilly's, the Brian Nahlen Band, the Mike Dillon Band, Magnolia Brown, Clusterpluck, Cadillac Jackson, Chapter: Soul, The Tumbling Wheels, Trey Johnson & Jason Willmon, Grassfed, Youth Pastor, Greasy Tree, The Crumbs, and Dikki Du & The Zydeco Krewe.

Check it out at And for bookings at the club, please email
Reach them by phone at 501-313-4704

Just two doors down is The Core Public House run by Erin Vicker. Judging by her obvious taste in music, she knows what she's doing. Appearing at the club in this handful of weeks, set to appear live at the Core Public House are Charlotte Taylor, Brian Nahlen, Jeff Coleman, Rob Moore, Jason Lee Hale,Luke Johnson, Josh Green, Mark Currey…

Anyone who keeps the derelict musicians off the streets is truly fine in my book.
For bookings, email
To reach the club call 501-372-1390

The White Water Tavern checks in with a tremendous line-up.
In the coming weeks look for shows with Liz Brasher, Patrick Sweany, Sean Fresh & The Nasty Crew, DJ Nick Hud, Symptoms, Two Cow Garage, Dangerous Idiots, Heels, Way Away, Lightnin' Malcolm, Weedeater, Beitthemeans, Joshua Black Wilkins, DJ Baldego - doing a Summer Solstice Dance party, Urban Pioneers, Andrew Briant, Young Valley, Zander Schloss, and a bunch more.
The White Water has a nice shady outdoor beer garden, too…perfect for hanging out under the stars, and taking in fresh air.
Visit for details…find the link right here on this site…….
For bookings contact Matt White at (501)375-8400…….

Dugan’s Pub is rocking right along, and has become the real destination of choice in the fabled Little Rock River Market.
The nightclub/restaurant/liquor store/specialty food shop never charges a cover, is open every day, and is an extremely fun place to hang out.
Set to appear in the next several weeks are the Hoodoo Blues Revue, Adrienne and Bonnie, the Karla Case Band, Big John Miller, Byron Hayes, The Domes, Greg Madden, Shannon Boshears, and a bunch more.
Live music at Dugan’s is every weekend, with a few special shows tossed in every so often.
And the food is incredible enough to write home to Ireland about!
And Dugan’s is a sports bar as well, complete with a huge-screen TV, dart boards and drink specials every day too.
And of course Rob-O's take on Karaoke every Wednesday fills the room…the man himself is a born entertainer, and is as off-the-wall as anyone can really be. (That's what makes him perfect to work for this publication, too. Rob-O takes lots of pictures for us.)
And make a point to have a taste or three at Skye’s Little Bistro first chance you get. And tell them you read it here, too...
Check it out online at
For bookings at Dugan’s, call (501)244-0542…...

West End is open every day, has a huge fully stocked bar, has incredibly good food, multiple pool tables, multiple TVs for games, a large dance floor, a huge concert-sized stage and sound system…and serves food until very late.
They’ve kicked their music program back up to standard, too. On the bill in the coming weeks are Crisis, Tragikly White, Nerd Eye Blind, Mr. Happy (!), Splendid Chaos and more.
Cover charge is nominal, too, and the food, drink and atmosphere make it a hot destination. They serve the entire menu until late, too, every night of the week.
For bookings call (501)224-7665…….

Catch the Rev Room shows with 10 Years, Whiskey Myers, The Schwag, Molly Adamson, Bob Schneider, Mushroomhead, American Grim, Hall Sagan, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Crobot, Royal Thunder, Diarrhea Planet, Tab Benoit, Prozak and lots more.
Nightflying of course introduced the Schwag to Central Arkansas many years ago. First, at several of our anniversary parties at Juanita's, then at Sticky'z and Midtown Billiards, and then at the Rev Room.
The Rev Room is THE concert room in the River Market.
For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659…….

Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack continues to bring in the crowds.
  Coming up at the club, look for shows with Butterfly Irie, Sawyer Fredericks, Gabriel Wolfchild, Haley Johnsen, Jon Wolfe with Michael Johnson, Thomas Wynn & the Believers, Raveneye, Boom! Kinetic, and the musical magic of Randall Shreve & The Devilles, William Clark Green, Spoonfed Tribe with MotherFunkShip, Moot Davis, Leopold & His Fiction, The Big Dam Horns, Birdtalker, Topknot and a lot more.
Their outdoor venue - The Chicken Coup - and is where people who smoke can feel at home, and there is full service throughout. With the warm weather the club also frequently features live acoustic music outside too.
Please visit on the web for more information.
For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659…….

Markham Street Grill is also open 7 days a week, has  a full menu, good live music, and is smoker friendly.
The food and libations from the bar are all top of the line.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Brian Ramsey, Carey Griffin, The New Town Blues Band, Family Dog, Howard & Steve, deFrance, The Apple Kahler Band and more.
Please visit
For bookings, please email, or call 501-224-2010…….

In Conway...
TCs Midtown Grill remains Conway’s number one music venue and party spot.
The cardinal rule of this bidness is that the crowd follows the crowd. People  are attracted to good music and great food and all, but the real deal is that they're really attracted to the crowd.
Indeed, the party crowd in Conway owe owner Thomas Colclasure a great big thank you for bringing the town a real nightclub.
TC’s is open 7 days a week, features live rock ‘n’ roll bands every weekend, a large wooden dance floor, a full bar, great menu, a truly extreme stereo, pool tables and huge-screen sports, and unlike so very few nightspots anymore, is smoker friendly.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are ShotGunBilly's, Steam Loco, a reunion of Breaking Even, Dirty Lindsey, Big Shane Thornton, Southbound 420, Jeff Coleman & The Feeders, 90 Proof, The Marcus Pearson Band, The Luke Williams Band, Lystick Hand Grenade, Hoodoo Blues Revue, and many more.
Every Wednesday is open mic featuring Greg Madden, and every Sunday is an Open Rock Jam with Big Shane Thornton as the host and stage master.
And please visit for more details. Just click on their ad right here in your hand…
TCs is located at 1611 E. Oak Street. Head north from I-40 about two miles and watch for the sign on your right. And do it quickly and often.
For bookings contact Ty Simms or TC at (501)205-0576…….

Other clubs in Conway with regular live music are King’s, JJs, Bear’s Den Pizza, Taylors’ Made and the VFW Club.
See the Sound section for details…

In Eureka Springs...
The free outdoor shows in Basin Park Bandshell have begun. On the bill the next few months are Eric Gales, Downtown Livewires, and the Cate Brothers Band…these shows are FREE! (My favorite 4-letter word…)

Chelsea’s is one of the best music rooms in Arkansas.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are SprUngbilly every Monday, an open mic every Tuesday, The Mark Shields Trio, Sam & The Stylees, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds, Kalo, Opal Fly & KAPOW!, Divas on Fire, Earl & Them, Jed Clampit and Jeff Fox, Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings and a lot more.
It’s open 7 days a week, has a full bar and menu, an open-air smoking porch and one kickass stereo system, and is very much a popular local hangout.
For bookings call (479)253-6723…….

The Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge is a professional party room and restaurant. Live music is on weekends, and with that beautiful outdoor beer garden it is frequently inside and outside.
See our Sound pages…er…calendar post, for details.
The Pied Piper is open 7 days a week.
For bookings call (479)363-9976…….

The Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern has lots of music on the roster in the coming weeks.
    Look for Chicken Pot Pie (acoustic!), Rusty Rose Rate, Terri & The Executives, Mary Heather & The Sinners,  2 Dog 2 Karaoke and more.
For bookings call (470)253-8544…….

The Rowdy Beaver Den, downtown at 47 Spring Street, also has a bunch of music coming in the next several weeks.
Party with Michale Tisdale, Chicken Pot Pie, Septembers End, Dorrian Cross, Terri & Brett, Frisco Cemetery, The Great Whiskey Rendesvous, Blew Reed & the Flatheads, Jason Kinney, The Blue Muse Trio, Mary Heather & The Sinners and much more.
There’s good food, serious libations, and it’s also an indoor smoker-friendly place, too, and is the perfect place in town to watch the basket cases walk around and mumble, as they say.
For bookings call (479)363-6444…afternoons only…

In Northwest Arkansas…
One of the coolest music rooms in The Altered State has to be Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville. This old theatre is actually a music store and performance venue too.
Located at 128 W. Central Avenue, the Meteor has been bringing in some notable shows, and even more notable visitors. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the calendars this time around, but the venue has live music each week.
They also have a very cool place that’s fun just to look around.
A real museum...
For directions and more information, call (479)268-1500. And visit for added details…….

Mojo’s Pints and Pies checks in with a rowdy roster of talent. In the next several weeks are shows featuring Jumpsuit Jamie, Brick Fields, Flashback, Member This, Blue Collar, Irish Sessions, Sarah Lotham and lots more.
The food here is quite good, there’s a nice outdoor deck for partying under the stars, and what’s more, the parking is FREE, unlike Dickson Street, where they hold the parking hostage…….
To reach Mojo’s by phone, call (479)935-3459…….

Jose’s is rocking at their a new location in Tontitown. Live music is a regular fare at the club, too, but that’s to be expected. Coming up are Pool Boys, Kelly Road, Strap Jacket, Joe Giles & The Homewreckers, Blacklisted, Eye For a Lie, Ruckus, Another Fine Mess, Overworked & Underpaid, The Wes Hart Band, Cassette, and Low Flying Goats.
For bookings contact Doug at 479-790-6491…….

Kingfish checks in with a rowdy roster. In the coming weeks look for the Jeff Kearney, the Keith Nicholson Trio, Easy Mountain, The David Bright Band, Charliehorse, Whiskey Grin, Isayah's Allstars, deFrance, Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, Voxana, Greasy Tree and a lot more.
For bookings, email…….

George’s Majestic Lounge has a full plate in July and August.
On the roster in the coming weeks are Steve Dimmitt, STRFKR, Reptaliens, Jesse Dean & Company, Filthy Habit, The Widdler, Groovement, John Moreland, Travis Linville, Oreo Blue, Bill Dollar & Loose Change, Ryan Collins, Randall Shreve's Masquerade Ball, Diversity Shock Gala, Clusterpluck and a whole lot more.
See the complete listing in our Sound section or visit
For bookings at George’s call (479)527-6618 or email

The Smoke & Barrel has a plethora of shows in the coming weeks.
Look for dates with Helen Skelter Skelter, Space4Lease, Patrice Pike, Yokohama Drifters, American Lions, Stephen Leeper & The Wild Hearts, Henna Roso and a lot more.
Don't miss the 13th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash on the 29th, which will feature Forgotten Space and Friends Of The Phamily.
For bookings call (479)521-6880…….

Nomad’s Music Lounge, at 1431 So. School, has a plethora of shows in the coming weeks. Look for the likes of Peanut Butter, Puppies & PINTS, an art reception for Melody Smith, Terra Nova Kings, Joshua Smith, Ryan Singer and more.
For bookings at the club call (479)443-1832…….

Bear’s Place has become one of the busiest music venues in Northwest Arkansas, and deserves many kudos for the solid music presentation across the board.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Brick Fields, Jumpsuit Jamey, Flashback, Blue Collar, Member This, Buddy Shute, Sierra Star, She’s Us, Rick Atcha, Sierra Star…an occassional blugrass jam, and an occassional songwriters night.
It’s a smallish bar, and it has a cool outdoor garden-deck, excellent food and libations.
Plus, the parking is FREE!
Bear’s is keeping these derelict musicians off the streets most nights of the week.
See the Sound listings for the dates and all the listings.
For bookings call (479)521-2327…….

In Fort Smith…
Heros checks in with a most impressive line-up. Doug McRae has added great musical flavor to Garrison Avenue, and should receive much kudos from the community and especially the area musicians.
On the bill in the coming weeks are shows with Jim Dick, Isayah’s Allstars, Catfish Sushi, June Moon, Red Witch Johnny, Tom Ware, Vanimal Kingdom, Colby Lee, Arklohama Grown, Cadillac Jackson, Guta (featuring Teddy Sablon), The Domes, (featuring Lance Daniels, Tom Ware and Joey Farr), Dance Monkey Dance, American Evil, Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band, Trisler, Ware & Young, Opium Western, The Eric Matthews Band, Tegan Metal Show…and more.
Be sure and try out the tacos they serve up, too.
The club’s located in an former music school on Garrison Avenue.
For bookings call Doug at (479)650-1481…….

R. Landry’s, Arkansas’ answer to New Orleans, and is one of the best places to listen to good music. There’s no cover too, leaving you more bucks for the truly great food and libations.
R. Landry’s is mainly a restaurant that is also a bar and music venue, and they feature nothing but high caliber musicians…and, again, they don’t hit you up at the door to come in during the music.
For bookings call Natalie at (479)783-2505…….

In Hot Springs…
The Big Chill remains our personal favorite club in the Altered State…there's just such a magical musical atmosphere.
Appearing in the coming weeks are Wesley Pruitt Band, Lightnin' Lee Langdon, Tara & Brent, Earl & Them, John French, Moxie, The Grayson Goff Band, Jeremiah Johnson, local favorites the John Calvin Brewer Band, Trey Johnson & Jason Willmon, The Hired Hands, David Ball, Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands…
And of course, Girls With Guitars, featuring Christine DeMeo, Rena Wren and Anna Jordan on July 27.
Also, every other week there’s a major Blues Jam put on by the Spa City Blues Society.
See the Sound section for dates and details. See our Sound pages for the listings.
The Big Chill is open every day, has pool tables, huge screen TVs for sports, several outdoor smoking lounges, a smoke-free bar and some excellent bar food too. The non-smoking main room move has brought people in that haven’t been there in years. Sure, there are still smokers there, but the biggest part of the club is now smoke-free inside.
For bookings please call (501)624-5185…….

Another club worth visiting in Hot Springs is the Ohio Club on Bathhouse Row.
The Ohio has music 7 days a week. Every Sunday is Larry Womack and Jacquiline, Mondays feature the John Calvin Brewer Band, Tuesday is Christine DeMeo and Cassidy Ford, Wednesdays is Hump Night Blues Band, Thursdays is for live jazz, and weekends feature the house band, The Ohio Club Players.
For bookings at the Ohio, please call (501)627-0702…….

Hawg’s Pizza is back to having regular bands. (Okay…doctors say what’s regular is what’s regular for you)…On the bill in the coming weeks are Chucky D., Fastbound, Michael Stone, Southbound and more.
For bookings call (501)767-4240…….

In Closing…….
Well folks, that’s about all the seconds left for us to chat this time around. I'd best be getting this edition a done deal.
And then tomorrow get back up and do it again of course.
Our next edition will be the annual Out House Reading issue…so find yourself a good out house for your reading and musical pleasures.
To those who might still be mourning the loss of a free paper, I actually miss the printed version of Nightflying myself. What I don't miss is the expense of printing and distribution...or the fact that we don't steadily tear up the highways of the Altered State…(we know where that pot-hole is…)
And swatting flies with my cell-phone sucks…

We’ll see you again next time. Until then, then, be sure to keep ‘em flyin’…….

Notes From The Pub

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Hooker Red

Isayah Warford at Kingfish

Isayah Warford

Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band

Lypstick Handgrenade

Mary Heather & The Sinners


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Mister Lucky

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